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  • New Product

    3 new products are schedule to launch for Anti fungal, Laxative and Respiratory

    2019-03-28 12:42:30

  • Plant 3

    OSD and Injectable Oncology - Verna, Goa - Installation completed and under process validation

    2019-04-08 14:55:31

  • Plant 1

    OSD, Syrup & Ointment - Atgaon, Thane is an ISO 9001:2015

    2019-03-28 12:34:13

  • Plant 2

    OSD - Skidel, Belarus Inaugurated on 7-Mar-19

    2019-04-08 14:55:05


  • Lok-Beta has independent Research & Development facility for Development new formulation in different segment of niche molecules equipped with well qualified personnel supported by latest technology and machine. Spread over separate 650 Sq. M. block.
  • Lok-Beta is currently investing heavily in the research and development of new Pharmaceutical & Healthcare formulations. The next few years will see a stream of new Lok-Beta products being established in the market.
  • Research & Development is a major component for pharmaceutical products. Spectrums of research are carried out in our Company ranging from development of new applications for existing products to upgrade of formulations efficiency and improving drug delivery systems.
  • Lok-Beta niche molecules such as Antiretroviral, Immunosuppressant, Urological, Antihypertensive, Anti diabetics and Anti Tuberculosis are aim is to provide /develop new formulation and application for the human well-being.
  • Lok-Beta developed more than 40 Niche molecules and rigorously planning for develop @10 new core products yearly